Tools – Links To Off Site Resources & Software

Over the past few years, we have been compiling a list of all of the tools and resources that we use on a daily basis. These are tools and resources that have proven time and time again to be absolutely invaluable to anyone doing business on the Internet!

Below you will find this list of different tools and resources that you can apply to your growing Internet business as we have to ours! These are the best of the best, personally tested by us and passed onto you.

Alexa – Find out who your competition really is… for FREE!

Alexa is a simple free program that automatically works with your browser to provide essential information about each and every web site you visit. This is a great tool to find potential competition or even Joint Ventures partners because you will know not only how much traffic that they get to their web site but also what their customer really think of them. This is an invaluable FREE tool for anyone doing business on the Internet so to get your copy click here now!

Merchant Accounts – Accept Visa/MC/Amex on your web site!

Whether you need a simple online merchant account and credit card processing solution or a complete online e-store, AMS offers a quick and easy merchant account solution that’s right for you! No hidden costs, no application fees just fast and reliable service from a name you can trust. Process credit cards and checks directly from your website or personal computer with the leader in online merchant account and credit card processing services! Click here now to get started!

Site Promoter

The fast, easy and accurate way to earn top positions in the top 150 search engines and directories!

Revolutionary new software called the Site Promoter takes the information that you input, and prepares the submission just in the way each engine wants it – submitting your website to the top 150 search engines, indices, and directories. Your description will never get cut off in mid-sentence and you will end up in the right category because the Site Promoter knows what each engine wants! To explode your search engine rankings today click here now!

Power Submitter

Automatically submit your ad to over 1000 classified ad sites!

Power Submitter will save you weeks and weeks of wasted effort by automatically submitting your classified ads to 1000+ Free Classified Ad Sites… all with the click of a few buttons. To expose your web sites to over 1000 classified ads in the next hour click here now!

Keyword Bid Optimizer

The first automated, and/or bid tracking tool available.

Do you spend a lot of time managing your, and/or bids? Would you bid on more keywords if it didn’t take so much time?

Keyword Bid Optimizer is the first tool of its kind. It will allow you to quickly manage your, and/or bids and show you where you stack up versus your competition and let you easily add more keywords to check how much you should bid, plus more. Check it out now by clicking here…

SBA – FREE Advice to Small Business is the USA!

The Small Business Administration, established in 1953, provides financial, technical and management assistance to help Americans start, run, and grow a business. To take advantage of this valuable resource please click here now!

$15 Domain Names – Get Your Own Top Level Domain Name!

If you are looking for the domain name your e-business needs to be successful then make sure you take action now! There are well over 100,000 domain names a month being registered so get yours now before they are all gone! To register your domain name for only $15 click here now!

Web Position Gold

Only Way to Easily Tell if Your Competition is Beating You in the Search Engines Positioning!

WebPosition Gold is the first software product to analyze, track, and help improve all your Internet search positions. WebPosition Gold makes monitoring and improving your search positions quick and easy. In just minutes you can know where your website ranks in the 10 most important search engines for as many keywords as you care to check – and even where your competition ranks! To find out how you really rank click here now!

Mailloop – Business & Email Automation Solution!

Mailloop is the complete internet email, newsletter server, web form processor, customer database, newsgroup poster, and autoresponder solution. Why do all your daily tasks manually when you can get software to do it for you? It even has a built-in scheduler so it will turn itself on and do the tasks whenever you ask it to! And it all runs from our home PC. To find out why we use this powerful software every single day click here now!

Instant Sales Letter

Stop Writing Sales Letters The Hard Way!

Quite wasting hundreds of hours of your extremely valuable time trying to write effective, compelling sales copy for your web site… click here now and you can explode your sales with a professionally written sales letter for your product or service in the next 5 minutes!

CopyWriting – Make your website “Sizzle” and explode your conversion ratio!

Does your website convert clicks into customers? Does it excite people about your offerings and compel them to respond? If not, professional web copywriting can make a huge difference! Let us write, rewrite or review your web sales copy. Go from a website that tells to a site that SELLS! Affordable. Fast. To get a FREE quote right now click here!

Proposals & Estimates – Web Site Proposal and Estimate Kits.

Turnkey proposal kits to assist you in creating proposals for web development projects, contracts to protect your business and your clients and more. Protect your business, get more clients and create more accurate quotes. To get a free report “The 9 Steps to Accurate Estimates and Proposals” click here now!

Virtualis Systems – Web hosting for you e-business.

Virtualis is by far the most versatile, full-featured web hosts designed to cater to your needs as an ecommerce professional. Virtualis offers your e-business a huge array of services that will more than satisfy the hosting needs of your growing business! For more information on Virtualis systems and how they can help you plan for the growth of your e-business click here now!

HTML Tutorial – Teach yourself HTML.

HTML Goodies is one of the Internet’s most popular stops for information on HTML and other mark-up languages. To take advantage of this resources that will benefit anyone that builds or maintains their own web sites on the Internet click here now.

Java Script Goodies

Learn how to master the basics of JavaScript!

With this terrific resource you can spice up your web page with an endless resources of scripts to make text pop up when a mouse rolls over it, create images that flip, plus a ton more! Click here to go there now!

The CGI Resource Index – Directory of CGI Scripts!

Here you’ll find literally thousands of CGI-related resources, and more free CGI scripts than you could ever want. It’s a virtual goldmine, and new resources are added daily. Click here to go there now!