This page will deal with some of the most Frequently Asked Questions that we are asked on a daily basis. This is not your typical FAQ page where you will read simple, one-sentence answers to your questions.

We’ve invested a great deal of time in addressing common questions as thoroughly and specifically as possible (some of them may be long, but there’s no stone left unturned!). Of course, there’s no way we can answer every conceivable question — so if after reading this page you still have a specific question please don’t hesitate to Contact us.

FAQ #1


Hi guys. I’m brand new to the Internet — someone you’d probably call a “newbie” — and I was wondering how effective (or helpful) is your IMC Private Site for me? I don’t want to be overwhelmed with too much information (especially the technical jargon), and at the same time, I want all of the information I’ll need to help me through the beginner, intermediate, and advanced phases of my online business ventures. I guess what I’m trying to ask is (without rambling on any longer), can IMC help me — and how?

First, we’d like to congratulate you on taking the initiative to start an online business and for seeking out the guidance and knowledge needed to produce and have a successful business. It’s probably one of the best decisions you have ever made!

Being new to the Internet (especially Internet marketing) can be a bit scary at times simply because of “information overload”. There is so much information on the Internet (most of it being outdated or just completely bogus) that it can become very confusing, frustrating and overwhelming — even for the “seasoned professional”.

You don’t know how to start, where to go, who to trust and more importantly, what NOT to do. But don’t worry because by becoming an IMC private member, you will have access to over 10 years worth of marketing experience from almost a dozen professional and successful marketing entrepreneurs (we’ve hired an entire team to help you out!)!

We’ve designed a very comprehensive marketing community to help you every single step of the way. The site is a complete, step-by-step HANDS ON tutorial for the complete beginner… as well as the seasoned professional (that’s why some of the biggest and most successful Internet entrepreneurs have joined our private IMC community!).

Don’t forget, you will also be receiving personalized one-on-one consultation 24 hours a day… 7 days a week… year round!

FAQ #2

Okay … sounds good, but let’s get specific. Let’s say, for example, that I wanted to start my own web site selling software products (or any product/service). How can IMC help me (please be specific)?

Not a problem. Let’s start right from the beginning (and we’ll assume you are a total beginner.). The first thing you’ll discover at the IMC Private Site is how to prepare your business/site to ensure that you get off on the right foot with your Internet ventures. You’ll discover things like …

  • Why 9 out 10 Internet marketers waste 95% of their time on bogus and non-effective advertising techniques! (But even more importantly, we’ll show you every single marketing strategy we have used, and continue to use, to grow our own business!) 
  • How to automate much of your business … for FREE! 
  • How to use your email to make a fortune on the Internet! (No crazy Spam tactics here … Just proven startup techniques that will guarantee tons of traffic and perfect customer service!) 
  • Plus you will also discover the greatest marketing “secret” off all! (This bit of wisdom is what we religiously follow every day in our own business and it has never let us down!)

Once you’re prepared, we’ll show you how to establish an effective online presence — because if you don’t portray yourself as an established and reputable business you might as well just forget about achieving any type of success online. In this section you’ll discover things like …

  • How to choose and register the perfect domain name (this could possible make or break your entire web business!). 
  • How to select a web host that fits your exact needs. (There are over 6,500 hosting companies and most of them are garbage! This can really become a problem especially since over 54% of people blindly choose the wrong web hosting companies, which ultimately costs them more money and lost profits!) 
  • The top ten web site design do’s and don’ts. (Including quick “fix-up” techniques for turning web design errors into instant profits!) 
  • Anything and everything you’ve ever wanted and need to know about creating the perfect advertising campaign! (Including how to use “magic” words to practically force your customers to buy from you automatically!) 
  • A guaranteed way for you to get a merchant account and accept credit cards at your site. (This is a MUST if you’re gonna be doing business… especially on the Internet! Plus, we’ll show you how to automate everything… with one simple click!) 
  • How to get thousands of professionally created FREE CGI scripts specific for your web site! (Perl, Java, VB scripts, C++, etc. 
  • The exact steps and tools needed to create a HUGE and very profitable online newsletter/ezine… for FREE! (Plus, you’ll discover our bullet-proof techniques we used to get over 60,000+ subscribers in less than 12 months!… Spam free!)

Actually, there’s even more information in the “presence” section … but we don’t want to get carried away because we haven’t even discussed one of the most important parts of the entire private site: Promoting your business and web site!

This section alone will take you a few weeks to read, but it’ll be well worth it because you’ll find out things like …

  • How to get all the traffic, hits, and visitors you’d like to your site… Track the results, get instant feedback within 24 hours and then use the results to double and triple your profits in less than 7 days! (Listen, this is no joke! We are living proof! Our site has been consistently growing by about 100% every single month since January, 1999 — it’s literally doubling in sales and profits every 30 days! — and we’ll show you how you can do the same!)Side Note: I don’t want you to think that all of our success was achieved “overnight”. You have to remember that we have been on the Internet for over 5 years now … since the very beginning of what’s now known as e-commerce … and have had our share of failures. The difference is that you can learn from our mistakes and copy our proven successful strategies!


  • Tips and tricks for achieving and KEEPING high rankings on the top search engines! Actually, we take it a step further and show you 3 little known secrets for getting listed on Yahoo! (the most popular search site of all time) in a matter of days! (95% of web sites never get listed on Yahoo because they do it all wrong!).Plus, we’ll show you a guaranteed way of getting as much traffic as you want for pennies on the dollar! (We get over 1,000 visitors a week using just this one little tactic, for about ten bucks!)


  • Dozens of ways to generate traffic to your web site using FREE advertising! Great if you’re on a tight ad budget. (Actually, two of the “free advertising” techniques that we’ll show you are probably the most effective ways to promote ANYTHING — free or paid!) 
  • How one online company used a very simple “viral” marketing tactic to generate over 34 million customers in just a few short years while spending less than $500,000 on advertising the entire time! (Listen, you may not want 34 million customers … but this proven strategy alone can almost guarantee long-term success for your business … with very minimal costs!) 
  • One of the Internet’s greatest promotional tactics to date and how you can utilize this for your own business … for FREE! 
  • The laziest (and most effective) ways to promote your web site! (Sometimes you just don’t have the time or energy to promote your site … but we’ll show you how to do it in your sleep!) 
  • How to use affiliate programs, bartering, cross-promotions and joint ventures to propel your profits through the roof! (Plus, we’ll reveal our hard-hitting “1-2 Promotion Punch” strategy!)

Whew! That was tons of information … but the funny thing is that’s really just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Can you believe it?

If anyone tries to tell you that you don’t need to have a lot of specialized knowledge to make money online, run as fast as you can (and take your wallet with you!) — this is all important “stuff” that you need to know.

The important thing to realize is that once you have access to the Private Site and know what we know, you’ll find that it’s easy.

It does take work (sorry we’re not selling the magic wands this week) and dedication, but if you follow the step-by-step blueprint that we lay out for you — and as Nike says “just do it” — you can not fail.

There’s so much more to profit from — like online movie tutorials, chat sessions with your favorite marketer, community discussion forums where you can learn from and interact with a variety of “experts” (we’re actually just regular people who happen to have more experience than most), not to mention the fact that you will also receive personalized, one-on-one consultation via email, ICQ, IRC, real-time chat, or phone!


FAQ #3


Wow, that’s sounds like a ton of great information (thanks for being specific!). But, I know there are other marketing sites and courses out there. What’s the biggest difference between you guys and the competition? What makes the IMC Private Site so much better?

We’ll get right to the point on this one because we feel very strongly about it. There are two primary reasons that our Private Site leaves our “competitors” in the dust (By the way, “competitors” are actually great — we’ll show you how to make money by working WITH them!):

1. The exclusive Private Site is updated and expanded on a daily basis. Between the new content and resources that we add on a weekly basis, the online chat room, and the discussion forums, the IMC Private Site is literally growing every day with FRESH ideas. You won’t find outdated information (which could cost you big time!) here, like you often will in books and courses that were developed two or three years ago.

2. The second big difference is that you’ll receive personalized, one-on-one consultation for the life of your membership. Anytime you have a question or problem, just ask for help and our legendary Support Team will provide it. You will NOT get this anywhere else (unless you hire a personal consultant and that will cost you thousands of dollars!)

And listen, this isn’t some type of lame consultation, discussion board, or chat session with other “newbies” who are just as lost as you may be on a particular subject. This will be consultation with highly-successful web marketing pros who make above-average incomes online. The IMC Support Team will be personally advising you on any problems you may have — do not underestimate the importance and value of this.

The Internet evolves at lighting speed. What worked last week may not work tomorrow. Having fresh, new and updated information daily … coupled with personalized consultation is priceless!