8 Different Ways To Become a Great Guest Blogger

Guest posting is the best way to build a blog’s credibility in search engines and also helps to pull traffic on the blog. We all know that over the last few years numerous guest bloggers build their career by doing this guest posting. So, if you think that how to become a great guest blogger then you must keep some things in your mind.

In this post, I have explored eight things that you should know about to be a great guest blogger in someone else’s writing space.

How to become a Great Guest Blogger

8 Different Ways To Become a Great Guest Blogger


#1. Submit Your Ready To Publish Guest Post
Submit Your Ready To Publish Guest PostThe first thing to creating a great guest post is that the article you create should have essential knowledge that offers a substantial opening and a useful closing. Once you have relevant information, your article should be edited, proofread for writing issues like spelling corrections and grammar.

Next, take a look at articles on your target website and what kind of format they use. Take a look at the headers, bolded text, images, quotes or any other special formatting. Make sure that your post has similar elements to match the articles on the target blog.

#2. Be on Time and Be Responsive To Editors
Be on Time and Be Responsive To EditorsIt is essential that the editor of the blog get your submission on time or even before the time because your article may need some special editing that matches editor’s blog format and of course the editorial calendar too.

Once the editor did with formatting, he/she will again reach to you, at that time you should be careful and reply the editor on the time so that if there are any follow-up that the editor needs to deal with and get your post lined up.

#3. Interactive and Optimized images
Interactive and Optimized imagesYour article must need a picture to emphasize your main points. Before adding an image to your article, you must ask the editor about the resolution and size he/she is referring to add an image in each article get published. Because the editor can shrink the size of an image, but they can’t increase it.

Make sure, an image you send with the editor is optimized so that it can get load faster. And the pro tip, do not forget to name the model (use a targeted keyword), which will help the SEO of the post to get visibility in search engines

#4. How You Deliver Your Article Is Very Important
Let The Editor Know Before Submitting Previously Published ArticleThe thing that you should keep in your mind is that instead of sending your submission in attachment send your submission in plain text mode of email to the editor.

And yes the most important thing never use Microsoft Word because when you create your article in Word, the cut/copy, and paste task will not only import the text of your article, but it will also add lines to the line with unnecessary code which Word inserts.

These may happen while you deliver your article to an editor, and it may take the editor’s valuable time to remove all those errors.

#5. Create and Send Your Bio and Aim To Editor
Create and Send Your Bio and Aim To EditorThe most important part of to be a great guest poster is guest bio. This is the place where you should include self-promotion links back to your website or blog or social media channels. The editor of the blog may need your bio or may not, but you should include a bio at the end of your article. So it would be easy for the editor when he/she need your bio in some event.

Before adding a bio to your article, do a little research that how the editor has awarded the previous guest bloggers and how did they write their bio in their article, is it long or short, how many links are allowed in bio, etc.

#6. Let The Editor Know Before Submitting Previously Published Article
How You Deliver Your Article Is Very ImportantBefore submitting the post that you have already published somewhere else then make sure you let the editor know about that post. Because the editor has the right to know where you have edited the post, how many visitors attract with the article and what amount of engagement that post has. And the editor also has the right to expect that the post won’t wreck with his/her blog’s search engine. So be sure that you let the editor know if your post has been published before in some other form.

#7. Promote The Post After It Published
Promote The Post After It PublishedOne crucial task after publishing the post. Link the post on your blog and share the post on social media channels like tweet about it, share the link on Facebook, add it on Pinterest, share the article on LinkedIn and other social media channels and also tag your editor with every single share.

#8. Build Engagement on your Post
Build Engagement on your PostIt is essential that you respond to the relevant comments received on your post. This will help to build credibility among the readers and can have more engagement and to get connected with readers. This is .the way you can interact with the visitors. They will show interest to read more posts, share those posts with their network and discussed.

Editors are a critical part of the publishing process. The best way to become a guest blogger is to create valuable great content and become a helpful partner to the editors you work with. So to be the great guest blogger, keep those eight ways in your mind which we have listed above. If you have any other strategies for a great guest blogger, then do share with us.